• Basic Bread | Nov 19th | £55

    Saturday 10.30am - 1pm | Led ByJudy Dain 

    Real, fresh bread straight from the oven – the way to impress your friends and your family andto know exactly what is in your daily bread. No additives, preservatives or flavour enhancers - just a few simple ingredients and some know-how.

    "Absolutely fantastic session baking bread. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Saturday..."  Emma Guilfoyle

  • Basic Bread | Sept 17th | FULL

    Saturday 10.30am - 1pm | Led ByJudy Dain 

    Sorry FULLY BOOKED.  Places available on 19th Nov

  • Gluten Free Bread and Pastry | Oct 30th | £65

    Sunday 10.30pm - 1pm | Led by Judy Dain

    Gluten free bread is really difficult to get right because the missing ingredient (gluten) is so important to the finished texture.  Gluten free pastry is often a problem because you have to forget all that you learned about making pastry with a gluten- based flour - and do the opposite!  We get to grips with making these items at home quickly, easily with excellent results. Lots of tips and techniques will be shared, not only by the tutor, but also by the other members of the group.  You will come away inspired.

    Fun, friendly and very informative. Delicious results. Gluten free pastry is no longer a mystery.    Caroline

  • Sourdough Special | Oct 15th | £100

    Saturday 11.00am-3.00pm | Led by Dave Buxton

    Sourdough bread is becoming increasing popular for a variety of reasons.  It has a good proportion of firm, crisp crust to soft, light crumb and is full of holes.  Easier to digest, as it is made from cultured yeast, plus full of flavour and known to have health benefits. It contains more vitamins and minerals and is lower in sugars than other breads.  All you need is water, flour and salt plus some 'know-how' to make the long, slow fermentation process work.

    "Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable day... excellent detailed recipe / notes which I followed to the letter and produced some amazing bread. Husband is very impressed!" Lynn Plunkett