• Gluten Free Afternoon Tea | Oct 30th | £65

    Sunday 2.30pm - 5pm | Led by Linda Sankey

    Having developed a reaction to gluten in her adult life, Linda Sankey set about learning how to create delicious gluten free alternatives to the favourites that she had previously enjoyed baking.  Nowadays there are free-from products readily available in supermarkets but they are highly processed, expensive and just don't taste as good as homemade. This session will give you some fail-safe recipes but, more importantly, help you understand more about how to bake successfully without gluten. 

    Fantastic - informative and delicious.Gluten free just become so much more exciting!    Shaun

  • Gluten Free Bread and Pastry | Oct 30th | £65

    Sunday 10.30am - 1pm | Led by Judy Dain

    Gluten free bread is really difficult to get right because the missing ingredient (gluten) is so important to the finished texture.  Gluten free pastry is often a problem because you have to forget all that you learned about making pastry with a gluten- based flour - and do the opposite!  We get to grips with making these items at home quickly, easily with excellent results. Lots of tips and techniques will be shared, not only by the tutor, but also by the other members of the group.  You will come away inspired.

    Fun, friendly and very informative. Delicious results. Gluten free pastry is no longer a mystery.    Caroline