• Japanese with Wakako | July 6th | £120

    Saturday 11.00am - 4.00pm | Led by Wakako Guppy

    Wakako Guppy, a licensed chef from Japan, will guide you through authentic Japanese cooking, as practised by good cooks in the homes and restaurants of her homeland. Her aim is to make the food of Japan accessible by giving you the confidence, as well as the skills, to repeat at home what you learn in her classes.  Her courses at Marlborough College Summer school are very popular and she is an engaging teacher who can introduce you to some amazing tasting food.

  • Seafood - Asian Style | June 1st | £60

    Saturday 10.30am - 1pm | Led by Kim Steevens

    Originally from New Zealand, Kim has grown up eating and cooking seafood. In that part of the world, Asian flavours are very popular and the style of cuisine is known as Pacific Rim.  It is growing in popularity in the UK nowadays, as the delicate balance of tastes that Asian spices and aromats bring to dishes are delicious.   He has travelled the world, picking up techniques and flavours that compliment and enhance all the dishes on the menu for this session. 

    "A superb session. Kim was fantastic, very informative and patient – the food was amazing!"  M Russell