• Plant-based Alternatives | Oct 6th | £65

    Thursday 7pm - 9.30pm | Led by Tom Dodd

    In these changing times where we are much more aware of the real cost of cheap, fast food to animal welfare, the earth's resources and our own bodies, Tom Dodd, Head Chef of Vaughan's Kitchen, will introduce you to some plant-based alternatives to popular 'fast food' classics.  Not only are these kinder to the environment, they are packed with nutrition and will help you feel fitter and healthier. Whilst Tom and his family are not strict vegans, they have made a positive effort over the last few of years to stick to a diet that contains no animal products where they can.  He has used his 'cheffing skills' to develop these tasty and satisfying dishes.

    "Amazing - he gave me the belief that I could indeed, cook things from scratch." From a self-confessed junk food  vegetarian

    "It was brilliant! Learnt loads and enjoyed using everyday ingredients to make some delicious vegan dishes. Thank you." Ned Wells

  • Vegan Variety | Nov 17th | £65

    Thursday  7pm - 9.30pm | Led By Tom Dodd

    The amount of meat we eat in the West and the effect it has on the planet, farming methods, animal welfare and our health is horrifying.Tom Dodd, Head Chef - Events, has been influenced by all that he has heard and read recently and has adopted a vegan diet. He has paid more attention to plant based dishes and has discovered the exciting and varied tastes and textures that it offers.   We have always made many of our classes suitable for vegetarians and vegans and know that it is very important to address what and how we eat seriously. This is an ideal session for anyone who wants to reduce or eliminate their meat intake, whether for ethical or health reasons."Amazing stuff! Has given me the belief that I can actually cook from scratch." From a self-confessed junk food vegetarian

  • Vegan/Egg-free Meringues & Coconut Cream

    vegan meringues & coconut cream from Vaughan's Kitchen

    Creat your own version of 'Eton Mess' without using any animal products.  It's fun to do and gives you a great sense of achievement, when you make something out of an item you would have previously tipped down the sink. There's even our houmous recipe next to this so that you have a use for the chickpeas.  However, you can also add them to stews and casseroles - really nutritious. Far more people are following a plant-based diet these days. It makes sense - kinder for your body, the planet and, of course, the animals!