More Fermented Foods - 2 | May 8th PM | £60

Sunday 2pm - 4.30pm | Led by Johanna Elliot

Fermentation is a natural process that happens of its own accord in the right environment. Our knowledge of fermentation could be as old as the human race itself and most societies around the world use some kind of fermentation, as it is seen as a low-tech, safe and natural way to preserve foods.  These foods are not only good for us, but are also delicious. The process creates complex flavours - fizzy and tart, savoury and satisfying - that no other kind of food has. There are new studies coming out continuously about our gut bacteria and how important it is for our overall health. Johanna Elliot is a holistic wellbeing resilience coach and trainer. She has been plant-based vegan for 9 years and has a passion for understanding holistic approaches to health. Using fermented foods to help heal herself, she loves to share and teach others about what she has learnt. 

iThis session is perfect as a 'stand-alone' or as a follow-on to Fermented Food - 1.  During the session you will make:

  • Lemon Water Kefir - a probiotic-rich drink. The fermentation process is quick and it is a great kefir to get the novice fermenter used to the process of using, feeding and understanding the symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.

  • Cultured Tomato Salsa - We use a probiotic in this recipe which can be eaten raw as a salsa or stirred into cooked recipes which takes them to a whole new level of taste. If you grow tomatoes this is an absolute must, as you can preserve this recipe and is fantastic as a harvest health benefit.

  • Summer Kraut - Kraut is lacto-fermented summer vegetables, herbs and spices; they are delicious and have taste and texture with an Umami moreish taste. Kraut can be eaten with all dishes and is fantastic for health as it is made from superfoods of the vegetable family.The class is a busy hands-on session.  All ingredients, equipment and aprons will be supplied PLUS we will do the washing up!

The small group size (maximum 10) enables you to get plenty of attention, whether you want to be helped or stretched.  You will be working in a friendly and sociable environment.

You will take all that you have made home.

It is suitable for vegans, vegetarians, dairy free, gluten free. 

Any Dietary Requirements etc?
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