Fermented Foods | Oct 9th AM | £65

Sunday 10.30am - 1pm | Led by Johanna Elliot

Johanna Elliot is a holistic well-being resilience coach and trainer. She has been a plant-based vegan for 9 years and has a passion for understanding holistic approaches to health. Using fermented foods to help heal herself, she loves to share and teach others about what she has learnt. The Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, believed that all disease starts in the gut. Fermented foods are not the silver bullet to cure all health conditions but, it is undeniable that regularly including fermented foods into a healthy balanced diet will enhance our all-important microbiome and help strengthen our immune system. There is no compromise on taste with fermented foods that are so good for you - in fact, they are so delicious and tasty, they enhance our eating experience.

Had a brilliant day - thank you.   Caroline

in this relaxed session you will have fun whilst you learn about the benefits of ferments, bacteria and gut bacteria, prebiotics and probiotics. You will also learn the do’s and don'ts of this amazing ‘chemistry’ lesson! During the session you make:

  • Kombucha -  a fermented, naturally sparkling drink which children, as well as adults, love. It is a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. Kombucha is becoming very popular and is full of probiotics, antioxidants and beneficial enzymes. Home-crafted kombucha is superior to any commercial drinks.
  • Dry Salt Fermented Kraut -  lacto-fermented vegetables that are delicious and have taste and texture with an Umami 'moreish taste'. Kraut can be eaten with all dishes and is fantastic for health, as it is made from the superfoods of the vegetable family.
  • Kimchi with a home-made vegetarian kimchi paste - one of the most important dishes in Korean cuisine, as it is not only enjoyed for its taste and texture, but is filled with healthy bacteria and probiotics for the overall wellness of your body . If you like hot and spicy then Kimchi is for you!

The class is a busy hands-on session. Ingredients, equipment and aprons will be supplied PLUS we will do the washing up!  All you need to bring is 2 x 1.5litre and 1 x 2.5litre kilner jars but we will also have some available to buy at the cheapest price we can get them.

The small group size (maximum 10) enables you to get plenty of attention, whether you want to be helped or stretched.  You will be working in a friendly and sociable environment.

The session will finish with a meal with wine or a non-alcoholic alternative and you will have plenty to away with you.

It is suitable for vegans, vegetarians, dairy free, gluten free. 

Any Dietary Requirements etc?
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