Windfall Apple Chutney

Would you believe that using leftovers and food waste is the latest trend amongst fine dining restaurants.  Now let's get this straight, they're not scraping up food that has been left on the plate, but they are using up food that is cheap, seasonal and plentiful.  Here in Wiltshire there are boxes of windfall apples left out with a sign saying 'Help Yourself' so why not throw a few in your bag and give this tasty recipe a go. 

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Oat & Wild Garlic Galettes

It's Spring again! Best time for foraging wild garlic. Our Cookery School Technician, Philippa, picked some when taking Eddie the dog for a walk.  She's created these tasty savoury biscuits that are quick and easy to make.  They go with most of your favourite toppings but are particulary good with cheese - Brie, camembert, cream cheese or a good cheddar and a perfect topping for any of those would be a slice of apple. For something a bit different, try cottage cheese topped with some coarsely chopped walnuts and a drizzle of good honey.

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Perfect Victoria Sponge

This was one of Queen Victoria's favourite cakes at her afternoon teas that became very popular at court.

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Storecupboard Satay Sauce

Can’t get to the shops and you need a tasty sauce to liven up some vegetables? Try this quick and easy version of satay sauce.  Can be used to top stir-fry vegetables and contributes the protein element of your meal or can be used to accompany skewered chicken or beef cooked on the barbecue - we have the weather for it!

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No-egg Chocolate Orange Cake

The latest 'run' on items in the supermarkets during the pandemic seems to be eggs, so we thought that we should share this great recipe that Vaughan's Kitchen uses to make chocolate cake for their events, if they know that there are going to be vegans or people with an egg allergy attending.  It make a light and moist chocolate sponge. 

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Foolproof Chocolate Fudge Cake

We're great believers in straight forward recipes that you can rely on to deliver tasty, delicious cakes time and time again. Try our fabulous, reliable recipe for a chocolate cake you can guarantee will be a crowd pleaser.  Easy to make, stays moist, light in texture and oh so easy to eat...

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Wild garlic (or basil) pesto

Once you've made your own pesto you will never buy a jar of ready made again - the taste is so different.  Why not be even more adventurous and go out foraging for wild garlic.  It is all around at the moment and tastes delicious. 

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Apricot & Raisin Cookies

Easy to make and real crowd pleasers, this recipe was originally developed by Jayne Annan, Course Co-ordinator, and has become a firm favourite in Vaughan's Cookery School.  You are likely to be offered them (or a variation|) with your coffee when you arrive for a class.  The basic recipe is easily adapted.  Think of what you like in your cookies and replace the apricots and raisins with whatever you makes you smile (or you have in the cupboard!)

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Tarte Tatin

There are lots of variations of the story as to how this 'upside down' apple tart came into existence.The only consistent piece of information is that it was created by the Tatin sisters in France in the 1880s and may have originally been a mistake that turned out well.

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Basic White Bread

The smell of freshly baked bread is delicious and whets our appetite. Baking your own bread is not only satisfying, but also you can make sure you use top quality ingedients with no additives or extra 'surprises'.

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Shortbread 1:2:3

 Bake Off biscuit week was full of shortbread so here are our tips for creating your own special version. Here we share our tips and techniques so that you can be Star Baker in your own home!

Good news for GLUTEN FREE. 

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Devizes Simnel Cake (our version)

This lovely rich, spiced fruit cake dates back a long, long way. Each town would have their own recipe and traditional shape of cake.

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Crystallised Flowers

A simple display of edible flowers on a cake looks really pretty and is simple to do. Although they are crystallised in sugar, it is a small amount compared to that in  marzipan or sugar paste flowers plus they involve far less work.

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Easy Peasy Houmous/Hummus

We spell it 'houmous', others use 'hummus' but apparently there's no agreement on the correct way, as it is difficult to convert Arabic exactly into English spelling conventions. There is no need to buy it, as it is cheaper and more deliciousr to 'rustle up' yourself.  Not only is it good to eat but also high in nutrition, as welll as tastiness.  It takes you less time to make this than it would take you to go to the supermarket and buy a pot that won't be half as nice - and more expensive!

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VK Sticky Spiced Hot Cross Buns

Traditionally hot cross buns were not supposed to be eaten until midday on Good Friday. Nowadays they are in the supermarkets all year round.

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Vegan Meringues & Coconut Cream

Going vegan has become the biggest the food trend in a long time.  Many people are eating far more plant based foods.  It makes sense - kinder for your body, the planet and, of course, the animals!  It doesn't have to be boring and you can still have those 'naughty but nice' treats from time to time so make these great meringues from the liquid you usually throw down the drain when using a tin of chickpeas.

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Quinoa pilaff

Quinoa was regarded as a sacred grain by the Inca and Maya tribes of South America, who praised its supernatural powers.  Not so long ago this 'superfood' was only available in health food shops but nowadays you can buy it in most large supermarkets.

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Stollen Inspired Sticky Festive Buns

Surprising that Bake Off had Hot Cross Buns on the show in September as, traditionally, they are not supposed to be eaten until midday on Good Friday.

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Avocado Rilette

Rilette is just the French name for a coarse pate and in this version avocado meets tarragon to produce a refreshing and delicious dish.  It makes a fabulous starter teamed with tomato dressing (recipe elsewhere) and topped with some smoked salmon or vegetable crisps and served with crusty bread or crackers.

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Celeriac Remoulade

One of the most historic and famous salads of France.  Celeriac is a very under-rated and nutritious vegetable and grows very well in Wiltshire .  It has a celery taste but also a satisfying starchiness.  This salad needs a punch from the mustard and lemon to make the taste of celeriac shine, but don’t over-power it

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Roasted Spiced Couscous

Easy to prepare, delicious to eat and good for your body - what more could you want from a dish?

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Mushroom Duxelle

A quick and easy dish that makes a great topping for a jacket potato, toast (or bruschetta, if you want to be posh!). Top both with a blob of pain yoghurt or creme fraiche.  For a tasty mushroom pate, add a tablespoon of cream cheese, mix well and pack into ramekins.  Chill in the fridge where it shoud keep for up to 5 days  There are a number of secrets to making this tasty: don't boil the onions when cooking them; be generous with your tarragon but chop it fine if fresh; season it, taste and adjust if necessary.

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Pea soup - Pronto!

This soup is simple, quick and delicious.  Made from ingredients that you are likely to have in the house already, it takes less than 15 mins to prepare from start to finish –  far less time than it takes to go to the supermarket, get a tin or carton of soup, go to the checkout to pay for it and then go home.  Not only do you save time but also it is cheaper than the ready-made version, more nutritious plus you know exactly what has gone into it. You do need a stick blender but these are very cheap to buy and are extremely useful in the kitchen.

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Pumpkin, sweet potato & tomato ragout

Increasingly we are becoming more aware that food is the fuel for our bodies so, if we fill ourselves with lower grade items, our bodies won't perform as well.

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Vaughan's Kitchen Falafels

Peter Vaughan created his famous falafels over 16 years ago and started selling them from a stall outside his restaurant (The Bistro) in Devizes long before 'street food' became so fashionable!

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Buckwheat Pancakes (gluten free)

Buckwheat flour makes fabulous pancakes and, inspite of its name, it isn't a member of the wheat family and doesn't contain gluten. Strange as it may sound, it is from the same family as rhubarb. 

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Summer Berry Crumble

What a great way to celebrate our wonderful summer fruit - make it into our favourite pud, good old English Crumble!  120 Year 2s (6 & 7 year olds) in Henry Maynard Infant School, in Walthamstow all made one of these to take home, in a classroom, 30 at a time, no scales.  So there's no excuse not to get crumbling in your kitchen...

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Lemony fish, asparagus and pea pasta

Another fabulous Fish Friday recipe and this time taking advantage and an extra special crop of British asparagus this year.  Apparently the mild spring may have produced the best crop for over a decade...

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Pan-fried Trout Fillets & Carrot Noodles

The Hemsley sisters may be at the forefront of healthy nutritious food in London but may we just say that we have been promoting the same for a lot longer!  Here's a fabulous low carb fish dish - high in taste AND nutrition...

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Quick & Easy Homemade Burgers

These are so simple to make and you can create your own version so that they taste much more exciting than the processed variety, plus you will know EXACTLY what has gone into them!

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Smoked haddock and bacon omelette

This dish offers a lovely combination of simple, familiar flavours that work well together. The portions are generous and any leftovers are still tasty when eaten cold next day.

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Nettle & Wild Mushroom Soup

Imagine a fresh, bright morning - plants and daffodils lightly covered with dewdrops. Now imagine you are out in the fresh air foraging through the undergrowth looking for food for free that you can turn into a culinary creations.

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White Fish Curry

We all know how good fish is for us - low fat, high protein - as well as being delicious, but sometimes it's hard to think what to do with it. Try it this way for your Good Friday Feast.

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Classic Pancakes

There is a trick to tossing a pancake.  Loosen it from the base of the pan, hold the handle with two hands and tilt the pan away from you towards the ground, until the pancake starts to slide out of the pan.

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Lebanese 7 Spice mix

There's no guarantee that this is the secret spice mix that Wafaa Powell uses for her Lebanese food @ Vaughan's Cookery School but it is a blend we have tried, as a result of meeting her and enjoying her dishes. You can vary the combinations of spices to suit your palate.

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Roast Veg Ratatouille

Roasting vegetables really concentrates the flavour. This dish goes really well with pasta - just top with grated parmesan.

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Tomato dressing

This makes quite a lot of dressing but it will kepp in the fridge for four or five days.  It is very versatile and can be used as a salad dressing, drizzled over fish or chicken or as an accompaniment for avocado rilette.  It will cheer up left over cooked pasta and, with the addition of chopped raw vegatables, makes a delicious lunch dish to take to work.

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Fricasee of Greens

Delicious and different way to serve vegetable that can get boring.  Although kale (hailed as one of the new 'superfoods') is used in this recipe, any green leafy vegetables will do.  It has the advantage of being quick and easy as well.

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Kwak Kwak Eggs

Peter Vaughan was asked to come up with some ideas of ways to use quails eggs for a Countryfile  item with Paul Martin.  Here's an interesting way to use them.

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Danny and the Randoms

Wedding Band

Random blokes playing random tunes. A 4-piece covers band based in Wiltshire.


The band is made up of Danny (the singer), a random guitarist, bass player and drummer. Playing together since the beginning of 2014 and based in Swindon, Highworth, Wootton Bassett and Devizes we’re available to play over 2 hours of pop/rock covers at your pub or party anywhere in Wiltshire. Contact us now to discuss your requirements at or send us a message on our Facebook page.

Walter Rose And Son Butcher

Walter Rose is a family owned business established in the 18 th century and supplier of quality meat to many of the best Michelin star chefs in the country. Walter Rose help us with providing amazing heritage breeds including Wiltshire Horn grass fed lamb, Hereford/Angus for beef and the best Wiltshire pork possible - sourced locally in Bishops Cannings.

Visit Walter Rose and Son

One Off Vintage

The most incredible selection of vintage china, tea pots, unique cups, saucers & cake tiers

One stop vintage : Denise and Ian have worked hard to gather the most incredible selection of vintage china, tea pots, unique cups, saucers & cake tiers .  Their crockery and our food make a fabulous union. 

Vist One Off Vintage

Doves Farm

Friendly Flours

Just outside the sleepy town of Hungerford, Berkshire, Doves Farm nestles in the heart of the Wessex Downs. We mill over 50 specialist & rare grains, produce gluten free pastas and cereals and have a dedicated gluten free bakery. Our products are free from hydrogenated fats, additives and are very much GM free.

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The Wiltshire Beekeeper

Local Honey Products and Swarm Collection 

The Wiltshire Beekeeper is a jolly Bee Keeper who spends his days travelling around the country looking after his bees, collecting swarms, giving talks and selling honey products. Fred's demonstrations are vibrant and interesting, and he offers full day beekeeping experiences.

He sells pollen, beeswax, candles, handcreams and many more items made from honey from his hives on Salisbury plain.

Visit the Wiltshire Beekeeper website

Stainswick Farm

The Sanderson family is the 4th generation of farmers at Stainswick Farm located on the Oxfordshire/Wiltshire border. 

Cold Pressed Rape See Oil We’re passionate about providing our customers with a local, healthy, natural and fully traceable product – the red tractor logo means that we can tell you which field the rapeseed oil in your bottle was grown in!

visit stainswick farm website

The Building Bridges Programme

Building Bridges is a partnership of organisations, led by Community First, that has come together to deliver the Building Better Opportunities Programme across Swindon and Wiltshire.

The £3.9M local funding is part of the Building Better Opportunities (BBO) programme, which is jointly funded by the Big Lottery Fund and the European Social Fund.

Visit The Building Bridges Programme

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Love to Cook

Attendees really enjoying our public cookery classes.

Our Team have run cookery classes for over a decade, and the courses that we offer have evolved over time to give you the very best experience. New courses are coming on stream all the time, as our creative tutors entice you to explore and expand your culinary skills - whatever level you are at the moment. 

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Professional Courses

Professional Courses at Vaughan's Kitchen

Vaughan's Cookery School is approved as a Teaching Centre by the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality. 

We are the only CTH validated centre in Wiltshire and one of just seven in the UK.


Bespoke Courses

Bespoke cookery course - mixing ingredients and having fun.

Birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions or just for a bit of fun - get a group of friends together for one of our fabulous bespoke group sessions. How about organising a get-together with a difference?

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Young Chefs

Young Chefs at Vaughans Kitchen

Our Mini Chefs and Young chefs courses are designed to give your youngster a firm foundation that will provide them with the skills and knowledge they need to grow into competent and confident cooks. They are also lots of FUN and they will bring home the results of the session to share with the family.



Corporate Cookery

Corporate attendees enjoying their team-building cookery course at Vaughan's

What better way to boost morale than with a team building day at our professional kitchen or in a location to suit you?  We create a wonderful experience where your staff and colleagues gain skills and go away motivated and inspired after cooking together with local, seasonal ingredients. 

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About Vaughan's Level 2 Culinary Skills Award

Vaughan's Cookery School is approved as a Teaching Centre by the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality. We are the only CTH validated centre in Wiltshire and one of just seven delivering their culinary skills awards in the whole of the UK.

This CTH Award is an internationally recognised qualification and is taught by highly experienced trainers and chefs.

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More on Vaughan's Professional Kitchen Essentials...

Professional Kitchen Essentials | 11th Jan - 29th Mar 2021 (Mondays only)

Mondays only: 9.30am-4pm
Level 2 Culinary Skills Award   £1,850.00  (90 hours)
validated by Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality

course overview → 

This Jan - Mar course runs on Mondays only and is popular with those in work or education who can gain a day release or who work part-time and who are looking to enhance their culinary skills, start a new career in the food industry or gain a recognised culinary qualification.

Professional Kitchen Essentials | 9th Aug - 27th August 2021

Monday to Friday : 9.30am-4pm
Level 2 Culinary Skills Award   £1,850.00  (90 hours)
validated by Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality

course overview → 

This August course runs Monday to Friday and is popular with those looking to really boost their kitchen confidence, experience all aspects of cooking, gain an internationally recognised award and learn from highly experienced chef tutors. It is also ideal if you are looking to go on a gap year, to work in a ski resort or holiday villa, or as a yacht chef or to start a new career in the catering and hospitality industry.