Beginners in the Kitchen | Jan 17th & 24th | £120

Thursdays 7pm - 9.30pm X 2 | Led By Jayne Annan

Following the success of a one-off "Beginners in the Kitchen" earlier this year, we have listened to the requests of customers and are putting on two linked evenings designed to teach foundation skills to help gain confidence in the kitchen.  It's difficult to follow a recipe if you don't understand the terms that are used plus it would be nice to be able to 'rustle up' a meal without even having a recipe in front of you.  This session will help you develop your culinary skills in a supportive environment, working at a gentle pace.  It will help you understand more about how to prepare simple, quick, nutritious meals that will make working in the kitchen an enjoyable and therapeutic experience, rather than a chore, and help you steer away from convenience foods with all those additives. 

Dishes on the menu for these evenings:

Session 1:

  • Eggs - quick, easy and nutritious: boiling; poaching; omelettes
  • Chicken & bacon supremes - a winner for dinner! A fast and versatile dish that will help you learn about safe handling and cooking of poultry.
  • Making the most of green veg - lots of tips to retain taste, texture and nutrition.
  • Crowdpleasing cheese scones - quick to 'rustle up', as long as you know how to avpid the pitfalls.  The recipe can easily be adapted to make fruit or plain sweet scones
  • Lemon Drizzle Cake - it's good to have a cake in your repetoire and this is the best one to start with.

Session 2:

  • How to make excellent soup - Leek and Potato this evening
  • Chunky Chilli Beef with perfect rice as an accompaniment 
  • Chocolate & Pecan cookies - makes your tea or coffee break extra special
  • Victoria Sandwich - light, moist, classic and YOU can make a cake to be proud of.

This class is hands-on and busy with ingredients, equipment and aprons all provided.

Whatever your skill level the small group size (maximum 10) enables you to get plenty of attention, whether you want to be helped or stretched.  You will be working in a friendly and sociable environment.

A light supper with wine will complete the experience and you will have plenty of goodies to take away with you.

It is suitable for vegetarians. Let us know when you book.

Any Dietary Requirements etc?
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