Persian Kitchen | Feb 10th | £120

Sunday 11.00am - 4.00pm| Led by Simi Rezai-Ghassemi

Simi is a cookery teacher, writer, allotmenteer, food judge and Iran food tour guide.  She was born in Iran and grew up in Anglesey.  In the last eight years, she has been teaching Persian cookery from her home in Bath, food festivals and cookery schools.  She travels to Iran regularly to visit family, research recipes and ingredients which shares on her classes.

Come and learn about the food and culture of this celebrated cuisine through the food and related stories. In this day course you will learn to use delicate herbs, nuts, rice and aromatic spices e.g. saffron, to make delicious slow cooked stew, salad, yogurt and of course rice with a crispy bottom! This class is suitable for all levels  and the recipes are carefully designed to be easily replicated in your home, for you to share your Persian feast with friends and family. 

The menu for the day:

  • Kookoo sabzi - Chive, walnut and barberry frittata   

  • Zereshk polow ba morgh - Jewelled rice served with saffron chicken   

  • Havij polow - Carrot and orange rice  

  • Mast o khiar - yoghurt scented with thyme and rose petals  

  • Salad  

  • Lavash - flat bread

Whatever your skill level the small group size (maximum 10) enables you to get plenty of attention, whether you want to be helped or stretched. You will be working in a friendly and sociable environment.

A light lunch of what you have made, with wine, will complete the experience and there may be some food to take away with you.

This session can be made suitable for vegetarian, gluten and dairy free - please let us know when you book..

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