Young Chefs - Japan | Feb 29th | £30

Saturday 2pm - 4pm 11-16 years| Led by Peter Vaughan

Japan: Sushi; Tofu Cheesecake

This year we will be exploring a range of global cuisines that will stretch the children both in their culinary skills and their palates.  Sushi rolling is great fun and making your own has the advantage that you can put things you like inside. This older group will make a variety of different sushi. Everyone loves a cheesecake and this one uses tofu - a great source of protein.

Cooking is a great skill to invest in for the future and starting early means that the youngsters are more likely to enjoy cooking for the rest of their lives.  We all need to eat plus it is a way of sharing with friends and family that gives pleasure to both the cook and the consumer.

Each session will have a different 'theme' so that, if they attend on a regular basis, they will be cooking new dishes each time but developing and re-enforcing skills in a progressive way. During the two hours of Young Chefs they will busy making 'real' food from scratch (as opposed to decorating cupcakes!)

Vaughan's Cookery School is well known for its naturally balanced approach and this will be present in both the teaching and the ingredients, helping to develop a deeper understanding of the principles of healthy eating, as well as tip top culinary skills.

Peter Vaughan is an award-winninng chef and an experienced teacher, who is DBS checked. This hands-on cooking session will bring out the best in your child.

Aprons, equipment and ingredients will all be provided so there is nothing to bring except for safe, non-slip footwear and containers in which to take food home.

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