Sourdough Special | May 2nd | £100

Saturday 11.00am-4.00pm | Led by Dave Buxton

Sourdough bread is becoming increasing popular for a variety of reasons.  It has a good proportion of firm, crisp crust to soft, light crumb and is full of holes.  Easier to digest, as it is made from cultured yeast, plus full of flavour. Known to have health benefits, it contains more vitamins and minerals and is lower in sugars than other breads.  All you need is water, flour and salt plus some 'know-how' to make the long, slow fermentatiion process work.

Dave Buxton has been successfully making sourdough bread in his domestic kitchen on a weekly basis for over 10 years.  We are delighted that he has agreed to share what he has learnt with you..

The process of creating sourdough bread is long and slow.  There will be some Blue Peter moments where he will say "Here's one I made earlier", so that you can cover everything in the time frame but you will complete each process yourself as well, so that you understand what to do.  Your sourdough 'take-home' kit will compromise:

  • leaven starter plus care instructions
  • loaves
  • rolls

As there is quite a lot of time spent waiting for the dough to prove, you will also make some accompaniments for your bread. These will include:

  • basil pesto
  • houmous/hummus
  • beetroot borani

This busy hands-on day will include hot/cold drinks and homemade biscuits/cake. Lunch with wine or a non-alcoholic alternative will be served at an appropriate point during the day

All ingredients, equipment, aprons etc. will be provided. Please wear non-slip comfortable footwear. You may like to bring some small plastic containers to take home your accompaniments.

The session is suitable for vegetarians, can accommodate vegans and dairy free.  It is not possible to make it gluten free.

Any Dietary Requirements etc?
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