Lebanese - and more! | Nov 6th | £70

Friday  7.00pm - 10.30pm | Led by Wafaa Powell

Prepare yourself for an evening of FUN.  Middle Eastern cuisine is BIG in London and we are delighted to welcome Wafaa Powell to introduce you to Lebanese food, which is healthy, fresh, tasty, aromatic and versatile.  Plenty of whole grains, fruit and vegetables are used in a creative and delicious way..  

"A great evening and I’m leaving with recipes that I’ll try again."  Karen and John

Born in Lebanon, Wafaa learned her cooking skills from her mother who taught her traditional recipes that had been passed down through the generations.  She says that her Mum's cooking was her way of showing her love for her family and guests and she will share with you some of those amazing dishes.

The menu this evening is called 'Welcoming Spring'.

  •  Fattouch - most popular salad that pleases all the senses and is fresh and filling as well.
  •  Koussa b Laban - Courgette salad: Beautiful combination of courgette with yogurt and herbs.


    Kofta wo Batata - A tasty and authentic lamb kofta cooked with potatoes and tomatoes.
  •  Halawet el jeben - Semolina & cheese topped with chopped pistachios and Lebanese syrup - but that description doesn't do it justice and it has to be tasted to be believed!

This class is a busy hands-on session with aprons, equipment and ingredients all provided.  

There will be supper, sharing the food prepared and then, to finish off a great evening, Wafaa will introduce you to belly dancing - you can join in or just watch.

Suitable for all skill levels.  The group is small with a maximum of 10

It can be made suitable for vegetarians.  Let us know when you book.

Any Dietary Requirements etc?
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