Syrian Staples | Jan 29th | £25

Wednesday  10.30am - 12.30pm | Led By Kamar Alkasem

There is a growing trend towards Middle Eastern food - it is tasty, healthy and brings a range of flavours that are exciting and interesting. Here in Wiltshire we have a community of Syrians who have made the county their home and are integrating into British society.  Kamar fled from Homs over 3 years ago and now is well settled.  She is an amazing, creative cook who completed our Professional Kitchen Essentials course in March 2018 and now caters for private events and dinner parties.

This session will take the form of demonstrations on how to make some Syrian favourites.  On the menu will be:

  • Chicken Shawarma - Chicken infused with spices and wrapped in flatbread with pickled cucumber and garlic mayonnaise served with a side of traditional fries
  • Courgette Mfarakit - an amazing way to turn the common courgette into a truly delicious dip that will want you coming back for more
  • Harissa with Coconut - this cake, made with semolina, may look simple but its unique flavour and texture will make it your new favourite!

She may share with you how to make an Arabic 7 spice blend which is a very useful to have to hand in your kitchen if you want to  put a bit of 'zing' into many different dishes.

Following the demonstration you will all sit down to enjoy the food Kamar has prepared, along with some additional dishes that she had prepared earlier, which will complete the sort of spread that would be presented at mealtimes in Syria. 

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