Sushi to Suit Everyone | 10th Apr | £60 NEW

Saturday 10.30am - 1pm | Led by Kim Steevens

Sushi has grown grown in popularity over recent years and it is now available in most supermarkets. However, this is totally inferior to a homemade, fresh version and once you know the tips and tricks that you need to make your rice 'sticky' and roll your 'maki' tightly, you will have a nutritious, tasty and attractive finished product.  Kim Steevens has been making sushi from a very young age - it was a lunch box staple to take to school when he was growing up in New Zealand.  His teaching style is relaxed and informative - this is well worth having a go.

On the menu:

  • how to prepare your sushi rice
  • Nigiri - hand shaped sushi
  • Sushi maki - rolled sushi
  • Hoso maki - thin rolled sushi
  • Tamagoyaki - Japanese rolled omelette

This is alreday glueten free and can be suitable for vegetarians and vegans (omitting the omelette). We provide everything you need PLUS we do the washing up!

The group will be small to allow for individual attention.

At the end of the session, enjoy a glass of wine with some of what you've made, with plenty to take home and share.

Any Dietary Requirements etc?
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