Crystallised Flowers

A simple display of edible flowers on a cake looks really pretty and is simple to do. Although they are crystallised in sugar, it is a small amount compared to that in  marzipan or sugar paste flowers plus they involve far less work.

Make sure they are edible, though!  We've used primroses for a lovely Spring/Easter look plus mint leaves, which taste really good done this way.

  1. Lightly beat the white of one egg with 1 teaspoonful of cold water.
  2. Paint both sides of the petals of your flowers and the leaves using a clean paintbrush that hasn't previously been used for anything toxic.
  3. Have a bowl of caster sugar (refined or unrefined) to hand and dip the flowers and leaves in.
  4. Coat as much of the surface front and back with sugar, take out and place face down on a tray lined with baking parchment.
  5. Leave to dry for 1-2 days.