Naturally Balanced meals from Vaugahn's Kitchen

"Naturally Balanced is our fundamental philosophy. Whether it's catering for a special event or a Cookery School Masterclass, our passion for using good ingredients in the right balance is paramount." Peter Vaughan

Our Food

The approach to our cuisine we have termed  'naturally balanced'.  Sourcing the best ingredients from a team of passionate suppliers who are like minded when it comes to providing great produce is just a part of it.  We always use top quality ingredients and make sure there is the right balance in terms of flavour, texture and nutrition.

Fish & seafood:  Our fish comes from Newyln harbour, south of Penzance. Newyln has consistently won awards in the fishing industry for its focus on fish stock sustainability. 

Vegetables: Wiltshire is a fertile agricultural county and we delight in preparing and cooking vegetables, grown in the county. Sweet bunched carrots, different varieties of kale and chard, tasty Marfona potatoes & the most amazing herb producer, Folly Farm, who can provide us with anything from lovage to fresh marjoram.

Meat: Devizes probably has one of the finest butchers in the UK. Walter Rose is a family owned business established in the 18th century and supplies to many of the best Michelin star chefs in the country. Walter Rose helps us with providing amazing heritage breeds including Wiltshire long horn for our lamb, Hereford/Angus for beef and naturally the best Wiltshire pork possible, officially voted the best in the South West.

Good for You & Good for the Environment

Our healthy and tasty philosophy carries through into all aspects of Vaughan's Kitchen, bringing benefits to local business and individuals as well as showing a healthy respect for our environment...

Zero Food Waste to Landfill

We have always been very ethical and environmentally aware and know that in the catering and hospitality sector there is a huge amount of waste. We are proud to announce that Vaughan’s is now sending zero food waste to landfill. Beyond food waste, Vaughan’s has also switched to ‘vegware’ packaging, which is made from plants and is completely biodegradable and compostable; so can also go in with the food waste to be recycled. The system has been successfully running since June 2019 and is saving about a tonne of waste going to landfill each month.

Vaughan's has separate food waste bins, which are filled with any food or packaging, that are taken to an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant in Warminster by Wiltshire Waste Recycling / Grist Environmental, where it is turned into captured methane that is then used as renewable energy. This produces no carbon emissions and is saving food and biodegradable packaging waste being sent to landfill, which would create harmful greenhouse gases that negatively impact the environment.

Reducing Waste

  • Local produce equals less packaging and fewer food miles
  • Recycling bins for glass, paper (including napkins), cardboard, metal etc
  • Reusing plastic, glass and metal containers

Water Treatment

  • Removes chemicals and heavy metals
  • Minimizes use of cleaning products with high chemical content
  • Reduces lime scale build up saving energy and extending life of appliances
  • Provides excellent tasting tap water for customers