Doves Farm - field scene

Doves Farm

Friendly Flours

Just outside the sleepy town of Hungerford, Berkshire, Doves Farm nestles in the heart of the Wessex Downs. We mill over 50 specialist & rare grains, produce gluten free pastas and cereals and have a dedicated gluten free bakery. Our products are free from hydrogenated fats, additives and are very much GM free.

Originally established in 1978, when Clare & Michael Marriage bought a stone mill to grind the wheat grown on their farm, we are now a thriving miller and baker, with over 60 employees from the local area. We also create organic cereal bars and flapjacks here at the farm, as well as our famous Doves Farm digestives and cookies.

We pride ourselves on creating quality and healthy products which are, where possible locally sourced. Being sympathetic to the environment, supporting organic farming and upholding Fairtrade standards are at the heart of our ethos. We are also dedicated to developing products for those who follow special diets.

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