Survivors' Breakfast (or late night party food)

Late night party food

Mezze platter: home-made houmous; olives; falafels; cucumber raita; garlic flatbreads (vegetarian)

Antipasto platter: smoked Wiltshire ham; chorizo; olives; roasted vegetables; bruschetta

Local market cheese feasting table featuring 4 cheeses, real ale chutney, spelt & charcoal crackers, grapes, celery

Mini brioche sliders with Crispy Wiltshire bacon or griddled halloumi, sweet potato fries & skinny fries, dips all served in street food boxes

Crispy wraps street food style, with a variety of fillings such as slow roasted Wiltshire pork, Spanish chicken, falafel & homemade houmous, accompanied by seasonal slaw and fries

Theatre of food

Homemade potato pancakes with a variety of sweet and savoury toppings, cooked live in the room

Feasting table

Local market cheeses, honey roasted Wiltshire ham, Cajun chicken drumsticks, seasonal salads, German potato salad made using white wine & mustard, rustic breads, dressing

Everything is served on biodegradable, disposable (but good quality) plates or in street food boxes with napkins and sustainable wood cutlery.